Writing Praise

“Lily is a sharp cookie. When I assign freelance stories to Lily, I know that she will get them done in a timely manner, the stories will be well written AND error-free. In my experience, she really dives into each subject or topic she is writing about. I recommend her work.” — Jennifer Huffman, business editor, Napa Valley Register.

“Lily provided freelance health articles for MotherNature.com while I was director of content. I was always pleased with her work, which required little or no adjustment. I recommend her highly.” — Craig Weatherby, author of “The Arthritis Bible.”

“Lily is a focused, task-oriented, and brilliantly clear copywriter and a disciplined and knowledgeable editor. She is bright, energetic, and a delight to work with. I would hire her again without hesitation.” — Len Phillips, boss at an advertising and public relations firm.

“You definitely want Lily to write for you. I first met her as she was writing a groundbreaking article about complementary health modalities for people who have chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia. It was this article, written professionally and creatively, detailing description of my work – among others, that literally launched my business teaching T’ai Chi and Qigong in Seattle. This article had a broad & positive effect, not just for me but for the whole complementary health field and those who use and serve it. More than 15 years later, people still refer to it. Lily is an articulate & creative, bold & generous with her writing skill and her person.” — Kim Ivy, Owner of “Embrace the Moon,” Seattle, WA.

“Author Lily Casura was a pleasure to work with. She did an excellent job not just at drawing me out, but also at getting the facts right.” — Ralph Moss, Ph.D., award-winning science writer, author of multiple books.

“I especially want to acknowledge the insight and thoughtfulness of the
writer [Lily Casura]. Her recognition of the Northwest’s key role in the
advance of modern natural medicine shows good understanding of the full scope of the topic.” –Joseph E. Pizzorno, N.D., President, Bastyr University.

“A remarkable and extremely well-written article. Seldom have I seen the
subject treated with such aplomb and genuinely interesting stories.” –Merrily Manthey, M.S., author, practitioner and integrative medicine subject matter expert.

“A pleasure to read…an extremely friendly writing voice.” –Susan Squarey, Editor, Shared Vision magazine (Canada).

“This is one fantastic piece of writing, and a great conveyance of
information–and as you know, the two don’t ALWAYS go together!” –Peggy Noonan, journalist.

“The article was truly spectacular! It read more like a short story than a simple
interview. Thank you for such an honor.” –Gabriel de Santino, president of  Gabriel Cosmetics, a natural products company.

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