Caregiver Spouse

I am writing on behalf of Lily Casura.  Lily is a close personal family friend.  I was first introduced to her over seven years ago when my spouse was severely injured in combat. A mutual friend introduced us and during this time I have gotten to know Lily quite well.  I feel confident vouching for her character and abilities.

In the time I have known Lily she has shown a high level of education and experience regarding PTSD, secondary PTSD, caregiving and other trauma related concerns. She has been able to provide knowledge, support and an abundance of outside resources to me, my family and our friends.  We have referred many other caregivers, family members and veterans to her.  She has been my own personal guiding light in learning the complexity of PTSD, Secondary PTSD and my caregiving role.

Lily has been fantastic to work with because she always shows compassion to our family’s unique situation.  Her patience and dedication always means I leave our conversations with a well-informed plan of action.  Her dedication to supporting me as a caregiver has given me a wealth of techniques, resources and assistance.  Lily provides an educated perspective to many of our life challenges.

Personally, she has helped me the most with understanding the many facets to being a caregiver to my spouse and my own mental health.  Her passion to help others understand the effects of PTSD has proven a major asset to my ability to relate to not only my spouse but other immediate family members as well.  For example, there have been many times when I have not been able to understand why my spouses frame of mind or his logic for reacting certain ways, and even how I react to certain things in life.  Lily has been a dependable resource for me to go to for advice, knowledge and mostly support to answer these questions.

Lily’s ability to assess a situation and provide appropriate information while showing the highest level of respect and compassion makes her an incredible attribute to the wounded community.  I know she would be a valued asset to any organization looking to aid veterans, their families and their caregivers with understanding mental health.

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