Veterans Advocate Counterpart (International)

Lily Casura is a dedicated and innovative advocate for veterans suffering with post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). She originated a web site for veterans that features the newest information on treatment for this condition as well as networks with programs and services available to wounded warriors. She has also created a forum where veterans feel safe to express their concerns. In developing this web site she has studied courses related to healing combat trauma and has found a personal method that has helped individual victims of this battle condition regain hope and health through her personal counseling. Through the years she has formed invaluable connections with many experts, doctors and therapists, and as a result commands high respect amongst them and the veterans who subscribe to her web site. Lily is a gracious leader and through her self-discipline has taught veterans to respect one another as well as her in communicating with each other. Most of all, Lily has a huge heart and is an example of a true humanitarian who has made life worth living for many who believed life was over for them. She has personally interceded with many who believed suicide was their only option. As a leader and as an editor/writer, she has maintained the highest professional standards for the content on her web site and for her personal service. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Lily.

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